Maltipoo vs Goldendoodle Breed Comparison [with photos]

The shaggy coats and adorable faces might make you think that they are the same breed in different sizes but you couldn’t be further from reality. The Maltipoo and the Goldendoodle are very different dogs. Their similarity is only in the common parent they share (Poodle) and the hypoallergenic coat inherited from it.

Are you wondering which breed to choose between the Maltipoo vs Goldendoodle? Don’t make this decision based on size. Let’s get deep into both these breeds to get you a better understanding of the differences. 

maltipoo vs goldendoodle
Maltipoo Vs Goldendoodle – comparison of the breeds with photos.

Breed Origins

Hybrid breeds are known to vary in features depending on the dogs used to breed them. This means the dog you adopt doesn’t have to be similar to another of its kind.

Both the Maltipoo and the Goldendoodle originated in the United States where they were bred for the first time. This was during the 1990s. Back then all mixed breeds with a Poodle parent were known to be hypoallergenic, while the Golden Retriever and Maltese were known to give the breeds their temperament and size.

A mixed breed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle is the Goldendoodle. It was originally bred to be a large hypoallergenic family dog, but they are also well known as companion dogs. 

Whereas breeding a Maltese and a Poodle, will give you a Maltipoo. It was originally bred to be a designer dog. Designer dogs are the ones who can accompany their owners wherever they go, and Maltipoo’s are perfect for this because they are tiny enough to fit even in a small bag. 

Appearance Differences Between Maltipoo and Goldendoodle

maltipoo vs goldendoodle appearance

They look almost the same, except for the very visible difference in size. 

The Goldendoodle takes after both its parents in equal amounts. They have a set of oval-shaped eyes that are brown, blue, or green. A long muzzle and a round skull are identifying features of this mixed breed. The adorable face is sure to melt your heart at a single glance.

But if you want a dog that will stay puppy-size forever, then the Maltipoo is what you are looking for. This little dog, with its round eyes, floppy ears, and button-like nose gets the title of the cutest dog in the world.

Maltipoo vs Goldendoodle Colors

The Goldendoodle can be found in a white, black, cream, red, orange, golden, or brown colored coat. While Maltipoos are found in black, white, grey, fawn, cream, or brown colored coats. 

See the full list of Goldendoodle coat colors (with photos).

two Goldendoodles with different colors
Two siblings enjoyed playing at a dog park! (Image: Instagram/@ abby_and_birdie_goldendoodles)

Goldendoodle Vs Maltipoo Coat Differences

Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic dogs due to their non-shedding coats. The coat can widely vary from curly and wiry to straight and silky. This is dependent on the parent it takes after. However, the coat gets matted easily and therefore needs to be brushed multiple times a week.

Maltipoos also share the hypoallergenic coat from their Poodle parent. Their coat however can be anything from scruffy and curly to soft and silky.

The types of Goldendoodle that are least likely to shed are the wavy coat and curly coat. This is true for Maltipoo dogs also. These coat types are most commonly seen in F1b Goldendoodle dogs and F1b Maltipoo.

A F1 Maltipoo or F1 Goldendoodle have a higher risk of having a straight coat which is the least hypoallergenic.

maltipoo vs goldendoodle shedding

Weight and Height Comparison

You can find Goldendoodles in different sizes namely – toy, miniature, and standard. With a toy Goldendoodle, you get a pet that weighs 15 to 20 pounds and is up to 15 inches tall. A Miniature Goldendoodle will grow 25 to 45 pounds and be 15 to 20 inches tall.

While the Standard Goldendoodle will weigh 50 to 70 pounds and can grow up to 22 inches in height. Maltipoos are designer dogs that come in one size only. They weigh 4 to 20 pounds and will grow 7 to 14 inches tall.

Detailed Goldendoodle size guide here.

Goldendoodle was called by owner
The dog is enjoying the new park. (Image: Instagram/@ abby_and_birdie_goldendoodles)

Temperament Differences

Goldendoodles are complete extroverts among dog breeds! They are easy-going and fun-loving dogs who can get along with other pets, children, and new people as well. Their presence in the house is very gentle. They do not bark a lot, unlike the Maltipoo that is known to disturb neighbors with its barking.

Maltipoos are energetic, lively, and social dogs that can get along well with other pets and children. They are useful as therapy and companion dogs. They love to stay indoors and will be content taking frequent naps around the house and also on your lap.

Both breeds should not be left alone at home for long periods as they may show destructive behavior and become irritable.

maltipoo vs goldendoodle outdoors

Health and Wellbeing [Which is healthier]

Cross-breeding does solve a few health problems, it gives room to many new ones. The Goldendoodle has a well-known food allergy that can be triggered by foods like corn, soy, and dairy. It is also susceptible to hip dysplasia, atopic dermatitis, epilepsy, and other genetic problems. Their joints also tend to become problematic in the hip and elbow region. 

Maltipoos like most designer dogs are indoor dogs that do not always adjust to drastic temperature changes. Carrying them with a blanket helps protect them from the cold as well as physical harm. They are most susceptible to white shaker syndrome and epilepsy. They may also have thyroid problems inherited from their parents.

Most of these illnesses can be avoided if proper care is taken while breeding. Ensuring the parents are healthy, looking for signs of physical deterioration, and taking your dog to the vet can help prevent many illnesses.

new bandana of Goldendoodle
I love my new bandana but can I eat now? (Image: Instagram/@fatmorty)

Training a Goldendoodle vs Training a Maltipoo

Goldendoodles will be easy to train for seasoned as well as first-time owners. They are eager to please, love attention, and know just how to have fun. The Goldendoodle will respond well to reward-based training and positive reinforcement. Training them will be more likely a fun activity than a serious one. Keep lots of toys and treats around so your Goldendoodle never gets bored.

Compared to the Goldendoodle the Maltipoo is slightly difficult to train. It can be stubborn and doesn’t always listen to commands. Training a Maltipoo when it’s young will help you avoid destructive behavior later on. Despite this, the Maltipoo is highly intelligent and will be happy if it is engaged in a mentally stimulating activity.

maltipoo vs goldendoodle temperament

Exercise Requirement Comparison

The Goldendoodle is an easily bored and highly energetic dog. They need to be introduced to a variety of sports to keep them mentally and physically healthy. This dog is perfect for families that have children that love to play. Goldendoodles need 60-minute exercise sessions spread throughout the day. They love swimming, playing ball and any games that can be played outdoors. They might vary in size according to their breeding but all Goldendoodles have the same energy needs.

Maltipoos will need relatively less exercise than Goldendoodles. Maltipoos aren’t as active in comparison with their indoor life. They will be happy with a light 30-minute walk every day.

However, these designer breeds shouldn’t be left outdoors alone to play. The Maltipoos are not tolerant of the sun so it is necessary to schedule their walks when the sun isn’t out or isn’t too strong.

Suitable Owners – Who Are Maltipoo and Goldendoodle Best For?

Maltipoo vs Goldendoodle Breed Comparison [with photos] 1

Goldendoodles are perfect for owners who want a family dog that gets along well with people, animals, and children. They are affectionate, gentle, and love being outdoors. They also do not bark an insane amount so your house can quiet, although this means they aren’t good guard dogs. They are however great ALERT dogs and will bark and vocalize heavily if there are barking triggers.

If you are a family with children, many pets, and lots of backyard space then the Goldendoodle is suitable for you. They can also live-in apartments but a busy family with no time to play is unsuitable for this breed. If you can give it time and attention then bringing a Goldendoodle to your apartment might be possible.

Maltipoos are for the apartment dwellers, they are lively and affectionate without the need for constant stimulation. They play alone with toys and don’t disturb the house too much either. There is only one problem, the barking. Which becomes too problematic if you live in an apartment. However, Maltipoos are known to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. If you are a first-time dog owner then the Goldendoodle is better suited for your family. 

Grooming Comparison

A Goldendoodles coat will have different grooming needs based on which parent the coat takes after. A Golden Retriever coat is easy to groom and needs to be brushed only once a week. Whereas a Poodle coat will need to be brushed every day.

However, Goldendoodles will be easier to groom because they love grooming and the attention of the owner is enough to make them happily oblige and sit still. The grooming schedule of a Goldendoodle will include regular brushing, trimming, and bathing.

The Maltipoo puppy coat needs to be brushed daily and bathed once a month. While trimming can be done based on the hair growth and length, you decide to keep. Other than the coat you also need to clean their ears regularly to prevent infection. The teeth should be brushed thrice a week and nail trimming for both dogs should be done every month.

However, the facial hair needs to be kept in check as it can obstruct their vision, poke their eye or trap food particles.

Life Expectancy Comparison Maltipoo Vs Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles live for 10 to 16 years. While Maltipoos have a life span of 10 to 14 years.


Goldendoodles can have varied dietary needs depending on their size. But a huge factor that comes into play is the amount of activity they indulge in. The Goldendoodle can have food allergies from corn, milk, and soya so you will have to keep an eye out for those ingredients. 

The best Goldendoodle foods are protein rich, natural, and free from preservatives.

Generally, a Goldendoodle is a high-energy dog and will need a diet that matches its lifestyle. They are food-loving dogs so be careful while feeding them extra portions.

baby goldendoodle barking
Even teacup Goldendoodles are prone to barking. Luckily Goldendoodles are razor smart and ready to learn to stop barking.

A Mini Goldendoodle will have a much lower total food consumption than a Standard Goldendoodle.

Maltipoo doesn’t need a heavy diet as it mostly stays somewhat inactive. Frequent meals in small proportions will keep their weight in check. All dogs are prone to obesity from overeating and an inactive lifestyle. 

The best Maltipoo foods are dry, natural, and free from unnatural added ingredients.

If your dog’s behavior has changed recently then it could help to look at their diet as a cause. However, diets are a more complex part of the lifestyle for mixed breeds, and talking to a vet could help you give your pet the healthiest food.

Reproduction and Spaying

If you want to spay your mixed breed dogs then it is necessary to do so before their first heat cycle. However, if you want to breed your dog then the best time for both dogs is after their second heat cycle.

Both the Maltipoo and Goldendoodle dog have a similar 60-to-64-day gestation period. Where a Maltipoo gives birth to about 4 to 6 puppies, at once, the Goldendoodle gives birth to 4 to 10 puppies. The Maltipoo will probably need a cesarean delivery to give birth to healthy live puppies. 

Price Difference Maltipoo vs Goldendoodle

The prices for designer dogs are comparatively higher and therefore the Maltipoos are priced around $500 to $3000. While the Goldendoodle is priced at $600 to $4000 (for boutique sizes and toy Goldendoodles). 

So Goldendoodles cost more than Maltipoo on average.

goldendoodle cost so much

Things to Remember before buying a Mixed Breed dog

When buying a designer or a mixed breed it is necessary to be cautious of breeders and their methods. It’s best to run a background check on their parents as no two dogs are bred alike. Medical records are one way of knowing the history of the dog. 

Below is a list of questions you may want to ask yourself before you bring a dog home.

  • Can you take care and give the dog the attention it needs?
  • Is your home the right environment for the dog?
  • Can you provide the dog with a safe environment?
  • Can you handle the expenses?
  • Do you have the time and patience required to train a dog?

Questions to ask if it’s a mixed breed dog/doodle dog:

  • Have you checked all the documents?
  • Have you met either parent dog?
  • Do you understand the breeds of the parents well?
  • Do you trust the breeder? Are they an ethical breeder? Reputable breeder? Some Maltipoo breeder and Goldendoodle breeder are memebers of associations (like the Goldendoodle Association of NA)

 If the answer to any of these questions is a straight no, you should not bring a dog home and make life difficult for yourself and the pooch. You will not only be an irresponsible pet parent but will also take away the chance dog’s chance of having a good home and possibly scarring him/her for life.  

The Maltipoo and the Goldendoodle are very different dogs, suitable for different kinds of owners. Now that you have all the information about both breeds did it help you make a choice or are you still confused?